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Lapping Up Laos, Best Moments in Pictures

11 May

I had absolutely no expectations of this small land locked country, Laos. All I can say is WOW. Laos is an absolutely beautiful lush rugged adventure travel destination. I truly feel if you want an authentically amazing trip, this is the place to come, but get here fast because it is changing quickly. Unfortunately due to illegal deforestation by the Chinese and slash-and-burn growing methods, Laos is quickly loosing its lush jungle and forest regions. There are some great things happening in the country too, but with the emergence of tourism and elevating wealth in the cities, everything shifts away from tradition.

I’m off to Vietnam. xoxoImage

Vang Vieng is a stunning small community with lots of adventure tourism at it’s doorstep. Stunning with limestone cliffs, caves, hiking, tubing and lots of picturesque hotels.


Beautiful swimming hole with water coming out of a deep cave.

ImageCows at sunset Vang Vieng


This is a Thai tradition, carried my Khom loy Lantern from Thailand wishing for the end of suffering.


Blue Lagoon


Tham Chang Cave. Used as a refuge in the 19th century against Chinese bandits. Most of the caves in the area were used during the war as temporary shelter for the local people.


Long boats used for local and tourist transport.


Beautiful temple Luang Prabang.

ImageMorning alms giving (Tak Bat) 5:30 AM. Monks are given sticky rice and bananas from locals.

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