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Connected to the Universe with Yoga

3 Jun

Nectar Yoga’s first Article for The Scientific Yogi.

The Scientific Yogi: Evidence-based Yoga

Yoga for the World

Yoga has become an internationally recognized word. Perhaps it is known just as a word, YOGA, or perhaps it is known as physical stretching, or contortion, or spirituality, or meditation, or maybe even a cult, but none the less, it is known. Over the past 20 years, there has been a huge emergence of yoga and everything related to it. From studios, to pants, to retreats, to DVD’s and everything in between, if it is synonymous with yoga, it has been packaged and sold. Medically yoga has been studied and tested, and in most cases, it turns out that it does have many health benefits. It is important to us, especially in the western world, that medically and scientifically we can back things up. So, we’ve all bought into it, or know someone who has, but where is it all going? 

I am writing this from my hotel in Vietnam. Being from Canada…

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