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Nectar Yoga in The Bahamas

31 Oct

Nectar Yoga in The Bahamas

Andrea (Amrita) Clark in the 2013 Sivananda Bahamas Catalog


Why Yoga?

31 Oct


Why do so many people love yoga? What’s the big deal?

Ask any yoga practitioner and their explanations will all sound about the same. Yoga makes your life better. Period.

I have seen the personal transformation that yoga has opened in my life. I can see the variations of colour in the universe, I can feel the vibrations of living beings, I can bring myself into the moment and really feel it, and most of all I love myself. It is through this knowingness that everything has shifted in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and I make lots of mistakes. But, yoga has shown me the path to correct my wrongdoings, admit my shortcomings, and be an honest truthful person.

I am not unique in this transformation, it can and will happen to you too. The first step is reading this post, or something like this. It means you are already asking the right questions and seeking the right answers.

My only wish is everyone will find true peace, true happiness, and spiritual progression.


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